Chempaka Kindergarten

Where Beginnings Matter

Chempaka Kindergarten was founded in 1984 by Vernon & Daphne Gomez with the objective of developing a holistic approach to pre-school education.With eight branches around Trivandrum city, Chempaka has grown to become a reputed name in quality education.

Proven highly successful with numerous little preschoolers over the years, the 'Chempaka Way' has now been extended to include all levels of schooling.


Why 'Chempaka'?

What better way to take off on the idea of the school than on that of the simple but altruistic idea of a flower! A thing of beauty is a joy forever-beauty, joy and add to it the sublime of classic antiquity and you have the perfect idea of the school. The rather harsh connotation in being schooled is offset by the beautiful, the joyous and the sublime! It is this unique formula that ought to linger like the sweet fragrance of the flower in the memory of all those who would have passed through the school’s portals. 

The petals of varied hues waft fragrance without expecting anything in return - the best lesson in altruism. Unless the seed falls to the ground and dies, it shall not live. The diasporic nature of the seed speaks for the far-reaching and all-encompassing nature of the school. When one individual is educated the education of future generations is ensured. This thought drives home the enormity of the tragedy of the unschooled! The seed has to perish to regenerate. If life is an education so is death. 

And, finally, those who would have drunk to the lees the nectar of knowledge offered so generously, it is they alone who would be able to sing of the liberated mind along with Shakespeare's spirit of freedom:

"Where the bee sucks, there suck I:
  In a cowslip's bell I lie;
  There I couch where owls do cry,
  On the bat's back I do fly
  After summer merrily,
  Merrily, merrily, shall I live now;
   Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.
  (Ariel, in the Tempest)"
Daphne Gomez

L'école Chempaka

An ICSE and ISC School for the discerning

L'école Chempaka was started in June 1999 in the best Chempaka tradition.

ISC Courses Lecole Chempaka offers the ISC (Plus Two) courses View details

Admission to the ISC courses will start soon after the announcement of the ICSE results in the third week of May.

ISC Courses

Lecole Chempaka, Edavacode, offers the ISC (Plus Two) courses for the following subject groups:

Group One
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology or Computer Science
Group Two
  • English
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Accounts
  • Business Studies or Mathematics

Admission to the ISC courses will start soon after the announcement of the ICSE results in the third week of May. Candidates from other Examining Boards will be admitted provisionally until the ISC Board issues an Eligibility Certificate based on the certified true copies of the Statement of Marks of such candidates.

  • Encourage originality & Initiative.
  • Develop latent talents.
  • Impart sound moral values.
  • Cultivate environmental & social consciousness.
  • Use modern methods of education.
  • Make learning a joyous adventure.

L'école Chempaka Silver Rocks

Edavacode, Trivandrum

L'ecole Chempaka is a premier higher secondary educational institution based at Edavacode, Sreekariyam, Thiruvanthapuram. It is administered by the L'ecole Chempaka Society for Educare. Started in 1998, L'ecole Chempaka offers the ISC and ICSE streams, being affiliated to the Council for Indian Schools Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The ICSE results have been outstanding so far with students securing First Classes and Distinctions. ISC Plus Two classes were also started in June 2011.

L'école Chempaka Serene Valley

Kallayam, Trivandrum

L'ecole Chempaka Serene Valley, an extension of L'ecole Chempaka Silver Rocks, is scheduled to open in June 2015, at Kallayam, Trivandrum. The junior school currently functions in a temporary location at Vellayambalam. Admission is open from Grades I to V. The school will upgrade by one class each year.

L'école Chempaka International,Edavacode

Indian in Ethos, Global in Outlook

At L'ecole Chempaka International, we offer the Cambridge Courses, the Chempaka Way, to enrich our school with cross-curricular perspectives and support modern curriculum development, while setting standards which are recognized worldwide by encouraging good and innovative modes of teaching. With wide recognition from higher educational institutions in India and across the world, the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level Courses offer our students a wide range of opportunities.

The Cambridge IGCSE programme is offered in Grades VIII - X.

Admission Open to Grades VIII and IX

Cambridge A Levels L'école Chempaka International offers A Levels [Plus Two]

News & Events

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  • We are innaugrating our new kindergarten at Mudavanmugal, Poojappura on Monday the 17.11.2014. The Headmistress here is Mrs. Bi.... Read More

    News and Events

    We are innaugrating our new kindergarten at Mudavanmugal, Poojappura on Monday the 17.11.2014. The Headmistress here is Mrs. Bindu Sarath who has been with us for more than 10 years and has moved from our annexe at Kumarapuram. She will be assisted by two experienced teachers for now.

    Registration is now  open to Playgroup and LKG and will cover PTP Nagar to Pappanamcode where our new school buses will ply.

    Contact Bindu at mob: 9020417481  or Land line  at 3201817