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"What students say"
  • Fell in love with the efficiency of the curriculum at IGCSE, everything was info-packed and fun at the same time. There are lots of extracurricular activities as well. I've discovered so much in me that I sometimes have to stop and marvel at how much I've accomplished and learned in just one year!

  • I feel that the IGCSE education I have received so far has broadened my spectrum of knowledge considerably. Learning alongside students who have lived in various countries has given me insight into cultures that are not my own. My perspectives on many subjects have positively changed as a result of IGCSE

  • IGCSE is fun. I’ve gained knowledge and have been able to express more of myself. Here we have a comfortable and entertaining environment where the students and teachers feel as close as family. We are given chances to build up our confidence level and prove that we can do it. J

  • IGCSE has helped improve not only my writing skills, but my thinking, and oral skills as well. It looks beyond just the contextual knowledge and forces you to make your interpretations. It offers a different way of learning things as well.

    Anju Sreekumar
  • IGCSE is very interesting and fun. It has been a crazy ride. But it was the best decision I made. We get to do experiments and are taken on field trips to interesting places almost every month. Now I don't need to learn anything by-heart. IGCSE is really good.

    Sam C. Isaac